46th Annual Course in Cytometry

San Diego, August 12-17, 2023


Ani Deshpande, Ph.D.

Ani Deshpande, Ph.D.


Dr. Ani Deshpande’s laboratory focuses on investigating high-risk sub-groups of pediatric and adult acute myeloid leukemia (AML). The Deshpande Lab uses functional genomics, epigenomics and mouse models to study mechanisms of leukemogenesis. The lab has extensive experience with the use of flow cytometry for phenotypic assessment of heterogenous blood cells, sorting of rare hematopoietic stem cell subpopulations using multicolor flow cytometry, and high throughput flow cytometry approaches for drug screens. Of late, the Deshpande lab has made use of fluorescent proteins to multiplex drug experiments, look at protein localization using high-throughput imaging cytometry and as a readout for identifying genome-wide regulators of transcription factors using pooled CRISPR screens coupled with flow cytometry. Dr. Deshpande will talk about traditional and novel, innovative approaches to using fluorescent proteins in flow cytometry.

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