46th Annual Course in Cytometry

San Diego, August 12-17, 2023


Kathleen McGrath, Ph.D.

Kathleen graduated from Reed College with a BA in biology and went on to get her PhD from the University of Rochester Biology Department in Molecular Biology.  In her training, she happily focused on cell biology enjoying generating numbers with error bars.  Microscopy seemed a fuzzy science, pretty but how would she get a number from it?  However, in her research in the field of hematopoiesis, she has studied many different lineages where microscopy was critical to understanding their biology.  When the first commercial imaging flow cytometer became available in 2005, it provided the power of images that could be turned into numbers with error bars!  Since then, imaging flow cytometry has been a critical tool, alongside classic flow cytometry, as she tries to unlock the complexity of how hematopoiesis is formed during embryogenesis and how it is reformed after injury.   

Kathleen, along with a high proportion of other flow cytometrists, likes to cook.  She also spends an inordinate amount of time planning Disney vacations and doing other logic puzzles. 

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