46th Annual Course in Cytometry

San Diego, August 12-17, 2023


Vincent Shankey, Ph.D.

Vincent Shankey, Ph.D.


Dr. T. Vincent Shankey received his Ph.D. degree in Immunology and Medical Microbiology from the University of Florida School of Medicine (1977) and a postdoctoral fellowship in Pathology at the University of Pennsylvania from 1977 to 1981.  His research has used flow and image cytometry for over thirty years, working in clinical flow cytometry for much of that time. Before joining the Advanced Technology Center/Systems Research Group at Beckman Coulter in 2001, he was the Director of Research for the Urology Department and Scientific Director of the Clinical Flow Cytometry laboratory at Loyola University Medical Center near Chicago, Illinois. In 2016 he joined AsedaSciences, a Biotech start-up operating at the Perdue University Bindley Biosciences Cntr, as Director of Research, developing cell-based assays to predict cellular responses to candidate compounds in the Pharma developmental pipeline. 

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